Research & Monitoring

Ridgeway Ecology Ltd staff have been involved in and led a wide variety of scientific research and monitoring activities ranging from autecological studies in the UK through to the ecological studies of bat communities in biodiversity rich countries. We also provide authoritative advice and reports to government organisations and leading NGO’s.

Research includes:



  • Conservation biology of the noctule, Nyctalus noctula
  • Hibernal activity and dispersal of Leisler's bats, Nyctlaus leisleri
  • The status of Nathusius' pipistrelle, Pipistrellus nathusii, in Britain & Ireland
  • The function of distress calls and advertisement calls in pipistrelle bats



  • Community composition, habitat associations and seasonal changes in population structure of the bats of Northern Ireland
  • Bat community structure in the forests of eastern Madagascar, including the development of an echolocation key
  • Ecology of karst dependent bats of Myanmar



  • The development of a car survey for bats in the Republic of Ireland
  • A UK-wide car survey and monitoring project for bats in the UK
  • Rapid assessment of bat diversity in Southeast Asia



  • Review of ASSI designation for bats in Northern Ireland
  • The Northern Ireland Biodiversity Action Plans for Bats
  • Biodiversity action plan for the bats of Myanmar
  • Surveying EBLV2 in bats in Scotland



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