Government Organisations


Natural England

Natural England works for people, places and nature, to enhance biodiversity, landscapes and wildlife in rural, urban, coastal and marine areas; promote access, recreation and public well-being; and contribute to the way natural resources are managed so that they can be enjoyed now and in the future. Natural England was formed by bringing together English Nature, the landscape, access and recreation elements of the Countryside Agency and the environmental land management functions of the Rural Development Service.

Scottish Natural Heritage

Scottish Natural Heritages role is to look after the natural heritage, help people to enjoy and value it, and encourage people to use it sustainably.

Countryside Council for Wales

CCW champions the environment and landscapes of Wales and its coastal waters as sources of natural and cultural riches, as a foundation for economic and social activity, and as a place for leisure and learning opportunities. We aim to make the environment a valued part of everyone's life in Wales.

Northern Ireland Environment Agency

The NIEA's aim is to protect, conserve and promote the natural environment and built heritage for the benefit of present and future generations in Northern Ireland.

Joint Nature Conservancy Council

JNCC is the statutory adviser to Government on UK and international nature conservation. Its work contributes to maintaining and enriching biological diversity, conserving geological features and sustaining natural systems. JNCC delivers the UK and international responsibilities of the four country nature conservation agencies - Council for Nature Conservation and the Countryside, the Countryside Council for Wales, Natural England and Scottish Natural Heritage.

DEFRA (Department for Food, Agruculture & Rural Affairs)

DEFRA's core purpose is to improve the current and future quality of life. Defra work to bring together the interests of both farmers and rural economy, and promote sustainable development as the way forward for our government.

Environment Agency

The Environment Agency are the leading public body for protecting and improving the environment in England and Wales. It's their job to "make sure that air, land and water are looked after by everyone in today's society, so that tomorrow's generations inherit a cleaner, healthier world."

English Heritage

English Heritage exists to protect and promote England's spectacular historic environment and ensure that its past is researched and understood.


Non Government Organisations


Bat Conservation Trust (UK)

The Bat Conservation Trust (BCT) is the only UK organisation solely devoted to the conservation of bats and their habitats. BCT wants a future where everyone, everywhere can enjoy watching and hearing bats as part of their natural environment. The Bat Conservation Trust has identified four key objectives that are critical for the UK to ensure we have a sustainable and diverse bat population:

  • To determine target population levels and associated habitats
  • To secure and maintain the stated target bat population levels
  • To act as the authoritative voice for bat conservation
  • To win the required level of support to achieve the target number of bats

Bat Conservation Ireland

Bat Conservation Ireland is a Charity dedicated to the conservation of Ireland's bats. We promote conservation of bats by disseminating educational materials, giving talks and leading bat walks, carrying out nationwide surveys and monitoring of bats, acting as an umbrella group for the local bat groups and providing a central repository for bat records.

The Mammal Society

The Mammal Society works to protect British mammals, halt the decline of threatened species, and advise on all issues affecting British Mammals. We study mammals, identify the problems they face and promote conservation and other policies based on sound science.

People's Trust For Endangered Species

People's Trust for Endangered Species (PTES) is a conservation charity working to ensure a future for endangered and threatened species worldwide.

Nathusius' pipistrelle in Great Britain & Ireland

The site contains information about the life history of Nathusius' pipistrelle, the current UK distirbution of records as well as information on how to identify the species based on morphology, dentition, echolocation and social calls.