Bats Calls Of Britain and Europe: A Guide to Species Identification



Unfortunately a few mistakes have been discovered following the publication of Bats Calls Of Britain and Europe: A Guide to Species Identification. These are listed below in page order:



  • Pages 34 and 35. Table 3.3: The Habitat headings and the Species should be reversed as follows:
    • Cluttered/closed - Moderately cluttered/edge - Uncluttered/open
    • Myotis spp., Plecotus spp. - Pipistrellus spp., Eptesicus spp., Nyctalus spp.
  • Page 95, Category B, Line 7: FmaxE should be Fmin
  • Page 98, Figure 7.3. The Figure is incorrect and shows FmaxE ranges around a mean. Please replace with the Figure showing Fmin ranges around a mean which can be downloaded from here.
  • Page 120. Replace Brown long-eared bat Plecotus auritus figure with this one.
  • Page 228, Line 3 should read "....down to 10 kHz (Figure 8.14.2)".
  • Page 228-229.
    • The image (not the legend) for Figure 8.14.2 should be moved to Figure 8.14.3
    • The image (not the legend) for Figure 8.14.3 should be moved to Figure 8.14.4
    • The image (not the legend) for Figure 8.14.4 should be moved to Figure 8.14.2
    Page 245, Figure 8.17.2 is actually a Natterer's bat. You can download the correct Figure here. The new legend should read "Figure 8.17.2. Echolocation calls of Bechstein's bat released from the hand (Colleen Hope)"


  • Page ix, insert Colleen Hope and Martyn Cooke into the second paragraph (starts "Many people were kind enough....")
  • Page ix, 5th line from bottom: Allsop should be Allsopp
  • Page ix, 4th line from bottom: Gregory should be Garnell
  • Page x, Last line in green box, first word should be "sympatric"
  • Page 4, Figure 2.1. "duration" should be "peak". "trough" line should point to low part of wave. Download amended figure here.
  • Page 18, last line in green box should read "..take 2 m/340 m.s-1=0.0058 seconds, whereas (b) will take 5m/340 m.s-1=0.0148 seconds.
  • Page 18, Ranging Figure - missing arrow. Download Figure here.
  • Page 20, last line. 9 kHz, not 12 kHz.
  • Page 67, 5.3.2. Four instances of "Batcorder" in this paragraph should be replaced with "Batlogger"
  • Page 94. Abbreviation for Plecotus macrobullaris should be "Pmac".
  • Page 158. Minor adjustment to R. mehelyi distibution map here.
  • Page 162. Minor adjustment to R. blasii distibution map here.
  • Page 176. Pond bat Echolocation Table: Call duration (ms), should be 6.0 (4.0-8.0)
  • Page 195. Brandt's bat, Echolocation table. Interpulse interval (ms) should be 102.0 (56.7-190.0), not 88.0 (56.7-190.0).
  • Page 244. Bechstein's bat, Echolocation table. End frequency (kHz) should be 35.0 (17.9-42.3), not 35.0 (24.9-42.3).
  • Page 287. Time expansion/full spectrum, second line should read "..qCF call of around 17ms with...".
  • Page 305, measured parameters table, Inter-pulse interval (ms): 96.8.3 should be 96.8.
  • Page 328, Photograph legend should be "(c) Jens Rydell" not Rene Janssen
  • Page 332. Time/expansion/full spectrum replace " usually 12-14 kHz" with ...."is usually 12-14.5 kHz".
  • Page 339, Figure 8.30.6. The Figure legend should be "Figure 8.30.6 Social call of male common pipistrelle (with soprano pipistrelle echolocation calls) emitted during song flight (Jon Russ)"
  • Page 410. Grey long-eared bat, Echolocation table. Frequency of maximum energy (kHz) should be 30.4 (26.3-48.0), not 30.4 (26.3-50.5).
  • Sound file for Figure 8.30.6 should read "8.30.6 Pipistrellus pipistrellus - social 3 plus P.pyg echo and social calls - Jon Russ- United Kingdom" or you can download a Ppip only version here.


Please email me if you've discovered any mistakes and I'll add them to the list